About Camalen, Inc.

image of camalen leather artisan handcrafting our fine leather cases

Adopting the name of nature’s most vibrant and adaptive creature, the Chameleon, our team of designers and artisans handcraft the world’s finest leather cases for the world’s finest mobile devices. Our passion remains on the cutting edge of technology with an attention to detail that results in colorful and luxurious mobile accessories for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook & iPod.

We have a proud history of creative design here at Camalen. The inspiration for each and every case begins with our chief developer who has over 25 years of design experience. His designs blend aesthetic quality and elegance while incorporating device functionality to create the ultimate mobile communication experience. Our expert leather artisans then handcraft each case using only the finest quality European leather.

image of camalen chameleon logo on hide of leather.

You are a unique creation. At Camalen, every leather case we make is a reflection of the uniqueness in us all. When combined with a style and luxury found nowhere else, the result is a work of art made just for you. Such individual workmanship is increasingly rare in this modern age of mass production – where one-size does not fit all. Camalen is proud to offer the finest leather cases to our valued customers all around the world.

A California Based Company with a European Connection

Camalen is based in Los Angeles, California. The real heroes of our high-quality leather cases are the artisans that make each piece with detailed precision and care. They are hard working European leather-craft artists that make each hand-made case specifically for you and your device with unmatched quality, from our heart to yours.