Camalen Fine Leather Cases: The Best in Quality and Luxury

image of camalen fine leather materials

At Camalen, we set out to create the finest mobile device covers using the world's finest leather materials to provide our customers with a richer, more luxurious mobile experience.

When considering a new design, Camalen's chief designer searches for the best leather sources available. We only use first quality, full-grain European leather which provides a strong, supple and smooth material that lasts a long time. We choose leather which comes from the thickest parts of the very best hides. Full-grain European leather is highly sought after in the garment industry.

Some leather cases are made with faux leather. This is a synthetic product that the uninitiated may believe is real. Seeing and feeling the real thing - only once - will leave no room for comparison. Using genuine full-grain leather as with each Camalen case, makes leather goods feel richer, softer and more luxurious than subprime or faux leathers. Our customers deserve the very best.

We use leather in it's natural state without thinning the material so as to make your leather case durable and long lasting. Because we use the finest quality leather together with the best tanning processes, our leather never smells bads or loses it's color.

All of our cases contain a silky-soft suede leather on the interior areas. Suede is a velvet-like soft type of leather that is very delicate. In using suede on the areas that come into contact with your sensitive device, you can rest assured that it will never damage screens or scratch casings.

Types of Leather

image of worktable with fine hides of leather together with tools and punchouts

We offer many styles of leather in a wide variety of colors and textures. These types include:

  • Rustic leather:

    This type of leather has no particular pattern. It is very smooth and has a shiny quality that is great for those who love vivid, vibrant colors.

  • Floater leather:

    This type of leather is soft and has a delicate grainy pattern that captures the color well. It is best used for matte colors, and has a comforting, soothing appeal.

  • Croco leather:

    This is a patterned leather that looks like crocodile skin. It is deceptively soft, but is harder than floater leather - a combination of the qualities of floater leather and rustic leather; allowing for bright, vibrant colors while still having a soft texture and sooth feeling. Croco leather makes a great iPad cover for the ultimate in strong protection against bangs and the occasional bruise.

  • Vintage leather:

    Vintage leather is made from old, used leather. There is a great appeal to vintage leather in that it has character. There are mars on the surface of vintage leather including wrinkles, scratches and slight imperfections that capture the imagination and appeal of many of the most popular celebrities of our time. The vintage quality in no way inflicts its usefulness, but rather adds a charm and whimsical quality to each and every case.

Camalen is a Los Angeles, California based company bringing the elegance and luxury of the finest European designs and materials to your device. All of our cases ship from our US location - making it easier to get our products to you and provide the best in customer service. Let Camalen surprise you with unmatched quality and a pleasing design that you will be proud to show off and enjoy using.