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  • Business

    Business (25)

    Could you imagine your life without your iPhone? Our modern busy lifestyle necessitates that our cell phones are always at hand. From basic phone to pocket computer, you can store your entire business (and life!) in your pocket. It’s no wonder that your phone is most likely the one item that you use and rely on most. So keep your phone secure and stylish with Camalen. Our Business line of cell phone cases are designed to protect your phone while still maintaining functionality through practical design and high-style with quality leather.
  • Travel

    Travel (6)

    Travel in style with Camalen. Our Travel line offers the best of slim, sturdy and practical cell phone cases without compromising on luxury and style. With high quality leathers and exquisite craftsmanship, your Camalen case is built to last, staying safe and stylish while you fly high and busy around the globe. Our cases are also built for functionality, meaning you can store all your most important assets with your cell phone and travel without the anxiety of having to keep track of what you’ve put where.
  • Vintage

    Vintage (15)

    Express yourself with Camalen Vintage. So you want to stay up-to-date with the latest in modern technology but can’t quite let go of your love for vintage flair? With Camalen’s Vintage line, the new and old combine together seamlessly in perfect style. Earthy tones, rustic looks, and metal combined with leather show keen design, especially when its wrapped around your state-of-the-art smart phone! Show your true colors and keep your phone safe and secure while remaining slim, functional and super stylish.