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What’s in a Travel Wallet

When you’re on the go, loading and unloading from planes, trains and buses, you’ve got to put serious thought into what you’re bringing and where you put it.  How many of us, when backpacking, have crammed their overstuffed backpack underneath the long-distance bus, climbed aboard, got settled with your water and essentials, only to realize as the bus pulls out onto the street that you left the novel you were reading and your notebook in the top pouch of your backpack?

Knowing where everything is while on the go is especially difficult when your luggage isn’t designed well.  And the same thing goes for the that little bit of luggage we carry with us daily: the wallet.  Is one wallet style better than others when on the move?

Before I answer, let’s look at a few of the style changes the wallet has undergone in the past 100 years.

Before World War II, for example, wallets tended to be of a longer design, and didn’t fold, so as to easily fit in the pocket of a man’s suit jacket.

Then on into the 50s the design of the wallet changed again to accommodate America’s burgeoning credit card addiction.  Bi-fold and tri-fold designs became popular, all with lots and lots of little card-holding slots.

The Seventies and Eighties departed from the traditional leather wallet by using synthetic materials and including Velcro.  Assumedlypeople felt their valuables were “more secure.”  An interesting side effect is that everyone in the restaurant knew when you were paying your bill.

Most of these changes were more or less superficial.  But when cell phones came into popularity in and around 2000,and when pockets of students, pedestrians, and travelers became twice as burdened, a change had to come.  Everyone needed a design that somehow minimized the volume of stuff bogging you down: cash, cards, now big-screened smart phones?

Luckily the design has been with us for a while, and it’s got my vote for the most convenient travel wallet: it’s the phone case wallet combo.

When you’re clambering from bus to bus, when you’re supplying your photo ID at the TSA check point at the airport, or simply buying a water at a kiosk on the street, a magnetic flip-fold phone case is a dream come true.  Everything is where you left it, and you don’t have to fish around in your pockets as much when you’ve got just one thing in there.

The variety of styles and designs that Camalen offers in phone cases is beautiful.  You can choose no-fold, bi-fold or even tri-fold in a wide variety of shades.  What doesn’t vary is Camalen’s commitment to highest-quality leather and craftsmanship.  Do you need one to travel?  No, but guarantee that if you travel with one, you’ll feel the difference.

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